At the Rootstech Conference yesterday we were challenged to take a geneaselfie and post it on Twitter. My genimate Sharn White took a photo of her and I and posted it with the caption ”  being genie-silly ” so that term for a moment of madness in a genealogy setting enters the Geneadictionary.


GeniAus (left) and Sharn White in a genie-silly moment



Shauna Hicks used the term Geneafest in a blog post earlier this week.


GeniAus and Kirsty Gray at Rootstech : a huge geneafest

My dictionary tells me that a fest is : a special event where people can enjoy a particular activity or thing.

A Geneafest therefore is a special event where people can enjoy genealogy related activities.

I note that Shauna has used the term Geneafest in several blog posts including:

The first use of the word I could find was in this post from Family Tree Magazine in 2010:





Thanks to my lack of typing skills I have coined another word for the Geneadictionary. As I was typing Rootstech this morning I omitted an o and the word became Rotstech. At the time I was writing about my post-Rootstech malaise.

Rotstech or post-Rootstech malaise – a condition that affects genies on the Sunday immediately after the Rootstech conference when feels both exhausted and energised.



GeniAus Rootstech Free Pass Giveaway

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1) To enter this contest you are asked to search the internet and find a link to a blog post, video or photo that shows me and someone famous or infamous I have met or interviewed at a previous Rootstech OR If you have a picture of you and me together at Rootstech you can share that in a new post.
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An Example Post: GeniAus with Jenny, Hilary and Pauleen at Rootstech 2015
Disclosure: I am an RootsTech 2017 Ambassador and one of the advantages is being given this free registration. I have also received a complimentary registration to RootsTech 2017 but I will have to outlay several thousand of my own dollars to make the trip to Rootstech.