Credit for this word goes to Sylvia Valentine, @historylady2013, who used Gineology in a tweet today.

Sylvia tells me that Gineology is “hic….consuming gin and tonic whilst discussing family history lol”.

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A Sabbatical for GeniAus

Often genealogists disappear from the geneasphere for a while. Because I have been concentrating on other things the poor old Geneadictionary hasn’t posted any new entries for a while.

I am not feeling particularly creative so I suggest we use the term Sabbatical to describe those times when we take a break from geneactivities.

Several online sources that I  have consulted suggest that a Sabbatical can be a “Break from work (  or ” is a rest from work, or a break, often lasting from two months to a year (

Remembering that All Work and no play makes Jack (and Jill) dull I am committed to regular Sabbaticals.

The Scholar

Back in 2012 Lorine from the  Olive Tree Genealogy blog described several types of Genealogist. I have been publishing these profiles every so often. Which traits do you exhibit?
The Scholar: This genealogist lives and breathes source citations.  Accuracy is everything to this research. You’ll often find this person submitting articles to scholarly journals as the NYGBR. Page after page of red edit marks don’t intimidate them, they’ll plow through their article drafts, refining and revising and making each more accurate than the last.


I was just using the term Geneamecca in a blog post and thought that I’d share a link to the term on the Geneadictionary but I found that it was missing. I am rectifying that situation.

I thought that I had coined this term, Geneamecca but before laying claim to it I did a Google search I found that a blogger, , had used it in a blog post in 2009. Perhaps others had also used it before.  In that post the blogger described Salt Lake City, the Geneamecca as ”  the “ultimate destination” for any genealogist! “. Becky Wiseman has also used the term in some posts on her Kinexxions blog tells us:

“1.1 as noun a Mecca A place that attracts people of a particular group or with a particular interest.

‘Holland is a Mecca for jazz enthusiasts’”

So Salt Lake City is a mecca for genealogists – a Geneamecca – a place every geenalogist should visit at least once in his or her lifetime

Family Discovery Center, Salt Lake City

Family Discovery Center, Salt Lake City