Ancestry DNA‘s latest revelation that they are removing matches below 8 centimorgans from our DNA match lists has created a new geneafrenzy or phenomenon, Dotting.

Many genealogists are currently in a Dotting frenzy as they try to salvage their small matches before Ancestry’s great purge.

A Dotting Schema

A Dotting Schema

Dotting:  the act of categorising our DNA matches with a coloured dot that denotes a  group you have created using the Ancestry coloured dot method.



I saw on someone’s twitter account that she described herself as an Infovore. I thought I knew what this meant but, as it was the first time I had come across the term, I consulted other sources and found several mentions. Your gave this definition:


Noun(plural infovores)

  1. A person who indulges in and desires information gathering and interpretation.

Origin: The term was introduced as a scientific term by neuroscientists Irving Biederman and Edward Vessel.

Most genealogists I know could be described as Infovores as we devour information.


Infovores at The Family History Library, Salt Lake City



I’m cheating a little with this post as I am copying a recent post from my GeniAus blog that has a different audience from the  Geneadictionary.

It’s not too often that I find a term for The Geneadictionary in Trove. This morning  when I was looking for something else I came across the past tense of a verb “Maided” so off I went on a tangent to see if I could find other instances of the word being used in a similar context….and I did.

The clippings that follow illustrate the meaning of Maided.
1928 ‘WEDDING.’, Townsville Daily Bulletin (Qld. : 1907 – 1954), 29 October, p. 8. , viewed 16 Jun 2020,
1949 ‘WEDDING BELLS’, Maryborough Chronicle (Qld. : 1947 – 1954), 26 February, p. 6. , viewed 16 Jun 2020,
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1931 ‘Pars and Paragraphs.’, Pingelly-Brookton Leader (WA : 1925 – 1954), 26 November, p. 3. , viewed 16 Jun 2020,



Yesterday I hosted a webinar for The Society of Australian Genealogists with guest speaker Brian Bela Schellenberg (note the title of Brian’s website) from Ancestry Pro Genealogists in Utah. as a lover of genealogisms I was excited by the title of Brian’s presentation.

According to Brian Hapsburgology is all about: Research in the Former Austro-Hungarian Empire. 



As I was wandering through my email box I fell down a rabbit hole and ended up at a page on Amy Johnson Crow’s site.

Amy says” WANDER is also an acronym that I’ve come up with to help describe the genealogy research process.”

You can take wander over to Amy’s page and learn about her process here: