Trovaholic – Chris used this word on Google+ yesterday and marked it for my  attention. If you’re an Australian and you are addicted to Trove you won’t need a definition.

If you come from some other land you are missing out on one the best free resources around.  It even has lots of news from across the seas.

Many Australian Genies suffer from an addiction to Trove.


Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge

Although this challenge is done and dusted there is no reason why you can’t challenge yourself.

‘Family History Through the Alphabet’ Challenge

It was great fun Alona Tester, thanks for your efforts.


I don’t know where I first saw this but I know that I definitely fit the criteria. It’s often found in those who engage in Tangential Genealogy.

AGDG –  Attention Deficit Genealogy Disorder

Because she has given me permission to use her images I am adding this definition from Twisted Twigs and Gnarled Branches.

Attention Deficit Genealogy Disorder

Attention Deficit Genealogy Disorder