About GeniAus

I am an ancient Australian ancestor hunter who was formerly a librarian, teacher and IT specialist. Fascinated by Web2.0 applications I spend every spare moment chasing ancestors and connecting with other genealogists. I blog at Ballau.blogspot.com, curryaus.wordpress.com, geniaus.blogspot.com and geneadictionary.wordpress.com. I am a contributor to worldwidegenealogy.blogspot.com and I maintain a Society blog hornsbyshirefhg.wordpress.com. I am a member of several Societies in Australia, England and Internationally. Proud to have been an Official Blogger at Rootstech in 2011, 2012, 2013 ,2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 and Official Blogger at AFFHO12 and AFFHO2015. You can find my family at www.geniaus.net.


In an old blog post From Cave to Chapel that I wrote in 2016 about the new room I was setting up as my research area I made the comment ” I may call my new room the Chapel because Genealogy is my religion!”

So if Genealogy is your religion you may wish to convert your Geneacave into a Chapel.




I’ve been tidying up my Evernote folder where I try to keep track of my posts on the Geneadictionary and I have unearthed some forgotten ideas.

One of the images I had clipped was a comment from NAACP Santa Fe on a blog post I wrote in 2015 for the Worldwide Genealogy Blog.

It describes how I attack my research. I do Freestyle.



Back in 2016 Pivot  suggested Retrobituaries for inclusion in the Collins Dictionary. It’s disappointing that approval status for the word is still “Pending investigation”.

As a blogger who frequently writes Retrobituaries which are “eulogies, given in retrospect (i.e. not connected to a funeral) to show respect for a person of fame, outstanding reputation or contribution ” I would support inclusion of this term.

I am sure that my fellow geneabloggers, storytellers on Familysearch and members of WikiTree who spend hours writing Retrobituaries would like to see the word recognised. It is interesting to note that Mindfloss hosts a number of Retrobituaries.