Thanks Chris for coining this term .

Fileophile: one who is obsessive re filing every paper they come across.

I am a polar opposite to this. How about you?



I’ve been sitting on this submission from Tony Proctor for quite a while. Thanks to the genearosity of people like Tony I have many new terms filed away in  Evernote for future posting.

New term: blig-blog. Analogous to ping-pong. Where two blogs go back-to-back responding to each other on a given subject.

An Embarrassment of Riches

The list of Genealogisms on the Geneadictionary page of this blog has been growing very long thanks to all the contributions that I receive from my genimates.

I have an army of Genealogophiles who are on the lookout for new words for this blog. Their Genearosity which is overwhelming has brought me an embarrassment of riches; I have many potential entries filed away in Evernote for posting.  As I have a big holiday around the corner I have also scheduled a couple of months worth of posts to cover the time I am travelling. Then of course there are the words I happen across as I monitor social media each day.

Yesterday I decided to do something about that very long list. I had thought about putting the words in a table but after looking at options threw that idea in the too hard basket. (I’m a lazy old girl). Then I thought that I should be able to insert Anchors on the page just like I used to do in the olden days when I managed a few websites. As my few  HTML skills have been forgotten I asked Mr Google for help. I followed the directions here and inserted some headings and anchors on my page. No dramas there.

This has worked but not as well as I would have liked.. My two frustrations are that the anchors don’t seem to be in quite the right place and I cannot select the font size (in points) I want for the list headings in WordPress without installing an addon.

I will come back to address these issues when I am in a more positive frame of mind.


Randy Seaver, a genimate from San Diego, used a new (to me) word in his blog post I read today. You can read about Randy’s need for Geneatherapy here:

Having read Randy’s post I propose this definition for Geneatherapy.

Geneatherapy: A therapeutic activity in which one indulges in genealogy research as a distraction from physical or emotional pain  or something unpleasant.

You can read Randy’s other Genealogisms here:

Two Word Tuesday

Last night I was pondering which term from the growing list of contenders I have in Evernote I would add to the Geneadictionary today. This morning when I opened up Twitter  there was a geneagift from my genimate Carmel who had offered up two new words, Geneashot and Geneashort so no further thinking was required.

Read Carmel’s tweet for some Twitter tips and two new definitions.


Tweet from Carmel 21/04/2015

Thanks Carmel for making up my mind and for your support of the Geneadictionary.


I became a Droidealogist about five years ago but only just coined the word  this morning.

I was reading my Facebook stream and saw a photo of Midge Frazel and DearMYRTLE with Midge holding a new Android tablet she had won. I commented that Midge was now a Droidealogist. 

Droidealogist: A genealogist who uses an Android device for genealogy activities.