P1070169Three DNA testing kits arrived in my mailbox yesterday. As I was looking at them this morning the word Spitfest came to mind.

Spitfest : A time or occasion when a group of family members produce samples of saliva to be sent off for DNA testing.



A few years ago I needed a word to describe those friends I made through my involvement in genealogy. As an Aussie girl I though of our word for friend, mate and added the geni prefix to that to make Genimate.

Since I coined that word I have seen several variations on the spelling in friends’ posts eg Genemate, Geneamate, Gene-mate. However one spells it it has the same meaning.

I am blessed to have so many Genimates from around the globe.


A recent photo with some of my Genimates


I’ve been poking around on sites that host online family trees recently trying to find clues as I search for my Irish ancestors. I have found several trees boasting tens of thousands of leaves on masses of tangled branches. I wondered how it would be possible for the tree owners to carry out accurate and diligent research on such huge trees.The word Megatree just popped into my head.

Megatree: usually found online and often at Big Pay Subscription sites this variety boasts many leaves and branches which may not be related to each other.

A Megatree I saw in Kohunlich in Mexico