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Gennull_067ea-Santa = a fictional but ever-present persona who brings genealogy gifts to good little genealogists with records, obituaries, gravestones and repositories dancing in their head.

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Genealogy Adventurer

Lonetester mentioned in her blog on 18/8/2014 that Megan Smolenyak was a genealogy adventurer. 

Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak (yes, that is her name), is one of those well-known names in the genealogy-world. Self-described as a “genealogy adventurer” she’s a genealogist having worked on many celebrity family trees, is a regular guest presenter at genealogy events, worked on multiple genealogy TV shows and is a author of a number of books and numerous articles. All in all, she’s loves finding dead people.

The Cradle, The Altar, The Grave

Today I was directed to a new Australian genealogy blog, Underneath the Flight Path. In the article I first read there was a link to a post that talked about a novel way to label births, deaths and marriage columns in newspapers as The Cradle, The Altar, The Grave.

Apparently the The Prahran Telegraph (Vic. : 1889 – 1930) used these labels between  March 1891 and early 1895. Thanks to blogger tweedsheadsgirl for discovering this during her Trove explorations.


1893 ‘Advertising’, The Prahran Telegraph (Vic. : 1889 – 1930), 4 November, p. 2. , viewed 04 Dec 2016,