A page listing those Genealogophiles who have made contributions to or whose words appear in the Geneadictionary. It may take me a while to add links and get this list up to date. Please bear with me.

David Annal
Jen Baldwin
Jill Ball
Blaine Bettinger
Diane MacLean Boumenot
Pauleen Cass
Janelle Collins
Shelley Crawford
Alex Daw
Hazel Edwards
Janet Few
Carmel Galvin
Chris Goopy
Caitlin Gow
Kirsty Gray
Caroline Gurney
Mary Harrell-Sesniak
Diane Hewson
Shauna Hicks
Debbie Kennett
Louis Kessler
Sally Knudsen
Greta Koehl
David Allen Lambert
Thomas MacEntee
Jenna Mills
Sharon Muffett
Michelle Nichols
Tony Proctor
John D Reid
Heather Rojo
Judy G Russell
Jacquie Schattner
Lorine McGinnis Schulze
Kerry Scott
Randy Seaver
Chris Staats
Rebel Hand
Jane Taubman
Alona Tester
Shannon Thomas
Lisa Vassallo
Sharn White
Kylie Willison
Anne Young

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