Ferreting in my Geneadictionary files on Evernote I found this definition I had saved from Bill West.

Genea-bog: When you can’t seem to get yourself going on your research or blog writing.

On reading this Pauleen Cass added “and you’re feet just can’t get out of the quagmire of your research conundra.”



Yesterday I hosted a webinar for The Society of Australian Genealogists with guest speaker Brian Bela Schellenberg (note the title of Brian’s website) from Ancestry Pro Genealogists in Utah. as a lover of genealogisms I was excited by the title of Brian’s presentation.

According to Brian Hapsburgology is all about: Research in the Former Austro-Hungarian Empire. 



As I was wandering through my email box I fell down a rabbit hole and ended up at a page on Amy Johnson Crow’s site.

Amy says” WANDER is also an acronym that I’ve come up with to help describe the genealogy research process.”

You can take wander over to Amy’s page and learn about her process here:



Back in 2016 Pivot  suggested Retrobituaries for inclusion in the Collins Dictionary. It’s disappointing that approval status for the word is still “Pending investigation”.

As a blogger who frequently writes Retrobituaries which are “eulogies, given in retrospect (i.e. not connected to a funeral) to show respect for a person of fame, outstanding reputation or contribution ” I would support inclusion of this term.

I am sure that my fellow geneabloggers, storytellers on Familysearch and members of WikiTree who spend hours writing Retrobituaries would like to see the word recognised. It is interesting to note that Mindfloss hosts a number of Retrobituaries.