I’ve been poking around on sites that host online family trees recently trying to find clues as I search for my Irish ancestors. I have found several trees boasting tens of thousands of leaves on masses of tangled branches. I wondered how it would be possible for the tree owners to carry out accurate and diligent research on such huge trees.The word Megatree just popped into my head.

Megatree: usually found online and often at Big Pay Subscription sites this variety boasts many leaves and branches which may not be related to each other.

A Megatree I saw in Kohunlich in Mexico

Australian Royalty

In Australia it’s seen as a badge of honour to have in one’s family tree a convict who was transported from the British  Isles during the late 18th and early 19th centuries to the new colonies. Oftentimes genies lament the lack of such a person in their ancestry, when one can prove a link to a convict it is time for a genealogy happy dance. .

Australian Royalty: Convicts and their ancestors in Australia are given a pseudo Royal status and commonly known as Australian Royalty.



A New Page

From time to time I come across a Geneapoem that I enjoy but am loathe to publish here lest I infringe copyright. So this morning when I found a nice poem about a Grandma  I decided to create this new page where I can link to geneapoems that I find in my meanderings. I hope you enjoy them too.

I’d appreciate your help in adding to this list.