Two Word Tuesday

Last night I was pondering which term from the growing list of contenders I have in Evernote I would add to the Geneadictionary today. This morning when I opened up Twitter  there was a geneagift from my genimate Carmel who had offered up two new words, Geneashot and Geneashort so no further thinking was required.

Read Carmel’s tweet for some Twitter tips and two new definitions.


Tweet from Carmel 21/04/2015

Thanks Carmel for making up my mind and for your support of the Geneadictionary.


I became a Droidealogist about five years ago but only just coined the word  this morning.

I was reading my Facebook stream and saw a photo of Midge Frazel and DearMYRTLE with Midge holding a new Android tablet she had won. I commented that Midge was now a Droidealogist. 

Droidealogist: A genealogist who uses an Android device for genealogy activities.


I was just catching up on  posts on John D Reid’s “Canada’s Anglo-Celtic Connections” blog and was fascinated by a post title: Gene-O-Rama 2015. I wondered what a Gene-O-Rama was.

On reading further I found that 2015’s was the 31st Gene-O-Rama held by The Ontario Genealogical Society. I am not sure if it is always hosted by The Ottawa Branch. I am offering the following description but would appreciate clarification if I have it wrong.

Gene-O-Rama – an Annual Genealogy Conference held by theThe Ontario Genealogical Society