This is a simple listing of GeneaDictionary AKAs (Also known as) in alphabetical order with links to their blog posts or websites, AKAs are the pseudonyms or online names by which some genealogists are known. Contributions for this list are gratefully accepted.

The Accidental Genealogist – Lisa Alzo
Ancestry Insider – That’s classified information
The Armchair Genealogist – Lyn Palermo
The Barefoot Genealogist – Crista Cowan
Cassmob – Pauleen Cass
The Chart Chick – Janet Hovorka
The Cousin Detective – 
Dan Bodenheimer
Creative Gene – Jasia
Crissouli – Chris Goopy
Dapper Historian – Myko Clelland
DearMyrtle – Pat Richley-Ericson
The Family Curator – Denise Levenick
Family Sherlock – ???
Geneaholic – Randy Seaver
Genealogue – Chris Dunham
The Genealogy Fanatics – Andrew and Devon Noel Lee
Genealogy Geek – Elizabeth Hansford
The Genealogy Guys – George G. Morgan & Drew Smith
Genealogy Insider – Diane Haddad
Genealogy Ninja – Thomas MacEntee
The Genealogy Nitpicker – Banai Feldstein
Genealogy’s Star – James Tanner
The Geneaspy – J Paul Hawthorne
Genebrarian – Seonaid Lewis
The Genetic Genealogist – Blaine Bettinger
GeniAus – Jill Ball
Genie1 – Louise Coakley
Genieq – Helen Connor
GENlil – Maria Robinson
The History Interpreter – Janet Few
The In-Depth Genealogist  there’s more than one
The iTinerant Explorer – Diane Hewson
Jennyalogy – Jenny Joyce

The Legal Genealogist – Judy G Russell
Lonetester – Alona Tester
Luvvie Alex – Alex Daw
The Nosey Genealogist – Nick Thorne
The Passionate Genealogist – Ruth Blair
The Professional Descendant – Kirsty Wilkinson
Rebel Hand – Frances Owen
Rellyseeker – Jan Powell
Sassy Jane – Nancy Loe
ScotSue – Susan Donaldson
Sir Leprechaun Rabbit
Travel Genee – Fran Kitto

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