A while ago my genimate Pauleen sent me the following message on Google+.

When I think of BSO – A Bright shiny object the old saying “All that glitters is not gold” comes to mind. Wiktionary describes it as ” An item that attracts a great deal of attention because of its superficial characteristics.”


Thanks Pauleen and Thomas.

Daughter Out

Yesterday on The Georgia Genealogical Society Webinar  “Make Your Ancestry Come Alive Using Your DNA” Peter J. Roberts, the presenter, used the term “Daughter Out.”

I was unfamiliar with this term that describes a male ancestral line that ends because only daughters are born to a couple. My mother’s Duncan  line has daughtered out because there were only five girls in her family.

I found a discussion on “Daughtering Out” on this website.

The Duncan Girls and their Father 1947

The Duncan Girls and their Father 1947


Thanks Caroline Gurney, I’ve met a few of these.

Meanealogist – a person who only uses free genealogy websites.


In a comment on Google+ on 15 May Tessa Keough  said “hmm – just a thought here (and I loved the blog post with all the clever terms by Caroline Gurney). The definition is “someone who only uses free genealogy websites”- that could apply to many for any number of reasons (just starting out, no funds available, still mining free sites). That alone doesn’t make someone “mean” in my book. The definition needs a bit more – “and complains about fee-based genealogy websites” or “and says everything genealogy-related should be free” because that attitude is what makes someone a meanealogist.


Eliot Ball in a blog post on 17 October 2014 said:

These days the word Pedigree has fallen out of fashion. It has connotations of elitism, racism, snobbery, exclusion etc. It’s all bad. I think though it should be replaced with a new exciting word.Wikigree. It’s not who you inherited your genetic makeup from that is important it’s how interesting your ancestors are! How many of them are worthy of having their own Wikipedia page. Can you drop a few into a casual dinner conversation and see who can be the most interesting.
The word Wikigree could have a number attached to it depending on how many ancestors in your family tree have a Wikipedia page. This would be your Wikigree number. You could be a Wikigree 3 or a Wikigree 7 etc.