When sharing this news story about an art exhibiton on Twitter last month @THEGenShow2020  suggested the term Artcestry to describe such exhibitions.

Following on the ideas put forward in the article I suggest a definition:
Artcestry: The portrayal of origin and ancestry in works of Art.

A recent portrait of my husband and I by our six year old granddaughter is an example of Artcestry.

Bronte 62557016_375817079711448_1637484873197289472_n.jpg




An Ancestress – My Mum

I must confess that, in our politically correct world, I had never heard the term Ancestress used until Heather Rojo used it on Facebook recently.

Several regular dictionaries tell me that Ancestress is a female ancestor.




Auntie Facts

I finally met my online genimate, Tony Proctor, at Rootstech last week. Tony who has been a great supporter of the Geneadictionary has just sent through some further suggestions for the site. Here is one of them.

“Auntie facts” (like artifacts). This was actually a slip-of-the-tongue during a conversation but I like it so much that I want to use it to describe family rumours.


My Aunties shared many Auntie Facts with me