I met a fellow geneablogger recently at Congress in Canberra. In a blog post on 19 April she wrote about the Geneadictionary in glowing terms. Robbie said “The wonderful Jill Ball aka Geniaus has the most amazing collection of words, phrases, inventions and descriptions of a language that is devoted to the world of family history and genealogy – there are some classic terms explained, new ones you never would have imagined and a whole heap that you recognise as having crept into your own daily use lexicon.”

Thanks Robbie, as I don’t get much feedback on this blog I was thrilled to read your kind words.

Robbie also offered up a new word for the Geneadictionary, Genistudent.

To quote Robbie once more ” In the process of keeping to the character limit for Twitter, I coined the term “genistudents” – in my head I defined it as family historians and genealogists who improve their knowledge through online study. It also struck me that there are a number of us who have become quite addicted to the online delivery model and can’t help signing up immediately a new course pops up!”

Plane Tree

Plane Tree : Just the facts – no stories, photos or embellishments.

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