This morning I needed a word to describe a piece of Geneawriting, for a  a verse written by Karla Robinett for my Rootstech competition. I hit on the word Geneapoem and it seems that I am not the first to use this term.

A dormant blog on blogger,, is the home to  a number of excellent Geneapoems.

Geneapoems belong in the genre Geneapoetry.

Rootstech Competition Winning Entry

Earlier this month I ran a competition in which I invited those who would like to win a free registration to Rootstech to submit an entry. This was the task:

“You need to tell me in 50 words or less using as much Geneajargon as you can from my Geneadictionary why you are or why you would like to attend Rootstech 2015.”

Congratulations to Karla Robinett who submitted the winning entry which is posted below for your enjoyment.

I’m a Trogenealodyte holed up like a mouse.
Leafing through the Treetops in my Treehouse,
Sinking in a Tangential  Lineage Trap.
A Geneajaunt to Rootstech with Flying Monkeys will be
The true Genea – Jewel for a Geneafreak like me.
(I’ll be doing a Geneajigg!!!)
I was so impressed that Karla was able to use so many genealogisms and to submit her entry as a geneapoem.


Anne Young and Carmel Galvin were quick off the mark when I made a typo on a Google+ post for Genearalist.
They both suggested Genearealist as an entry for the dictionary.
Anne said ” I think we are all genearealists; we find the truth way more fascinating than fiction!”
Carmel offered up this Genearealist definition:  one who realises the research will never be done.

Back in the Geneacave

Mr and Mrs GeniAus have been away from home for two months on a journey that was part pleasure and part Geneajaunt (that part was probably pain for Mr GeniAus). While we were travelling we managed to meet up with some cousins and visit ancestral sites, archives and libraries.

Mr and Mrs GeniAus in Trinidad

Mr and Mrs GeniAus in Trinidad

Before I took off on the journey I was able to schedule enough posts to the Geneadictionary to cover my absence from home.

Now I am back in the Geneacave  I have done a bit of houskeeping on the blog and scheduled a few more posts to carry it through the Holiday Season.

In my Evernote account have a healthy list of new terms to be added to the Geneadictionary in 2015 so it is definitely an ongoing project. Now that I am on the lookout for words and phrases to add it is amazing how many I manage to find.

I am so grateful to all those generous Genimates who provide content for this blog.