Cemetery Kit

When genealogists talk about a cemetery kit they are not referring to a gravedigger or funeral director’s tools of trade.

A Cemetery Kit contains tools and items that will help a visitor to a cemetery or graveyard carry out cleaning and maintenance on the graves or tombs they wish to tend.

Following are some links which advise on the contents of such a kit.

This cemetery in Castletown Geoghegan, Ireland is in need of a visitor with a cemetery kit

Friends Sleeping Place

I always learn something new when I read a post on Anne Young’s blog. Today as I was reading Q is for Quaker I expanded on my scant knowledge of the Quaker religion.

Anne wrote about Temple Hill Burial Ground which is also known as The Friends Sleeping Place. I thought that such a peaceful description of a burial place deserved a place in the Geneadictionary.

Thanks Anne for teaching me about this resting place.

Friends Sleeping Place
Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Friends_Burial_Ground,_Temple_Hill.JPG