Shauna Hicks used the term Geneafest in a blog post earlier this week.


GeniAus and Kirsty Gray at Rootstech : a huge geneafest

My dictionary tells me that a fest is : a special event where people can enjoy a particular activity or thing.

A Geneafest therefore is a special event where people can enjoy genealogy related activities.

I note that Shauna has used the term Geneafest in several blog posts including:

The first use of the word I could find was in this post from Family Tree Magazine in 2010:





Professional Genealogist, Kirsty Gray, once described her progress up the Genealadder in a blog post.

Kirsty said “I have been extremely lucky in my geneadventures this year – 2014 was certainly a good year and I have definitely put my feet a few more steps up on the genealadder. Alan Phillips of Unlock The Past Cruises (Gould Genealogy) invited me ‘Down Under’ on the Sydney cruise in February where I was lucky enough to work alongside Jill Ball, Pauleen Cass, Kerry Farmer, Shauna Hicks, Maria Northcote, Helen Smith and Sharn White, amongst many other professional and amateur genies. International ‘talent’ included Thomas MacEntee, Chris Paton and Jane Taubman – as well as me! – and it would appear that my sea legs are pretty solid, so I am cruising again in 2015″.

I note that in 2016 Kirsty climbed a few more rungs and, with several proposals for Rootstech 2017 accepted, she continues to move upwards.


Kirsty’s on a Roll

My genimate Kirsty Gray published a post yesterday that is peppered with new genealogisms.


GeniAus and Kirsty

The terms include: Genearena, Geneacolleagues, Geneasurprise, Geneauthors, Geneapublic, Geneaconversation, Geneaworld, Geneacareer, Genearesearch.

To see these words in context take a look at Kirsty’s post here.