Shauna Hicks used the term Geneafest in a blog post earlier this week.


GeniAus and Kirsty Gray at Rootstech : a huge geneafest

My dictionary tells me that a fest is : a special event where people can enjoy a particular activity or thing.

A Geneafest therefore is a special event where people can enjoy genealogy related activities.

I note that Shauna has used the term Geneafest in several blog posts including:

The first use of the word I could find was in this post from Family Tree Magazine in 2010:






Shauna Hicks used this new word in her blog post on Diary of an Australian Genealogist that I read today. It is an affliction that many of us who live in isolated places or who don’t have sufficient pennies to fund constant Geneatravel experience.

Shauna explained it thus: