I was thrown for a while when I saw the subject line of Randy Seaver’s latest Saturday Night Genealogy Fun How Many “Mary LNU” Persons in Your Family Tree?

As I read through the post I learnt what Randy’s acronym stood for. Randy said “I have many females in my family tree database without a last name.  One of those female first names is “Mary.”  Do you have situations like this, where you don’t know the surname of some females? [I call them LNU persons – Last Name Unknown.]”

I have a long list of LNUs in my database  how about you?


Randy Seaver, a genimate from San Diego, used a new (to me) word in his blog post I read today. You can read about Randy’s need for Geneatherapy here: http://www.geneamusings.com/2015/04/genea-therapy-down-mulford-rabbit-trail.html

Having read Randy’s post I propose this definition for Geneatherapy.

Geneatherapy: A therapeutic activity in which one indulges in genealogy research as a distraction from physical or emotional pain  or something unpleasant.

You can read Randy’s other Genealogisms here: https://geneadictionary.wordpress.com/tag/randy-seaver/


Randy Seaver has provided two descriptions for Geneacave:

1. Genea-cave – the genealogy room in a genealogist’s home. May contain desk, computer system, bookcases, file cabinets, boxes of stuff, piles of paper, etc.

2. Genea-cave — “the genealogy work area, surrounded by the ancestral collections of a lifetime of research, where you have all of your genea-stuff.”