XXX Family Tree

In their latest newsletter the Heredis Software Team talk about XXX (or Huge) Family Trees.

Just how big does a tree have to be to qualify as an XXX Family Tree?

Thanks for finding this Louis Kessler



In a post on Facebook on April 9, 2019 Lisa Vassallo when talking about the period between posting off a DNA kit and receiving the results, wrote  “I think I have cantwaitcitis, an inability to be patient and wait”.



At the Rootstech Conference yesterday we were challenged to take a geneaselfie and post it on Twitter. My genimate Sharn White took a photo of her and I and posted it with the caption ”  being genie-silly ” so that term for a moment of madness in a genealogy setting enters the Geneadictionary.


GeniAus (left) and Sharn White in a genie-silly moment

The Scholar

Back in 2012 Lorine from the  Olive Tree Genealogy blog described several types of Genealogist. I have been publishing these profiles every so often. Which traits do you exhibit?
The Scholar: This genealogist lives and breathes source citations.  Accuracy is everything to this research. You’ll often find this person submitting articles to scholarly journals as the NYGBR. Page after page of red edit marks don’t intimidate them, they’ll plow through their article drafts, refining and revising and making each more accurate than the last.