In an old blog post From Cave to Chapel that I wrote in 2016 about the new room I was setting up as my research area I made the comment ” I may call my new room the Chapel because Genealogy is my religion!”

So if Genealogy is your religion you may wish to convert your Geneacave into a Chapel.




When I shared the news of my Christmas surprise on social media my Genimate, Chris Goopy, suggested the word Geneapet.

Geneapet : The genealogists four-legged friend who keeps him or her company while spending time researching in the geneacave.

My little man whom I have only had for four days has found a cosy nest amongst the filing on a bottom shelf in my study.


Paddy, my new Geneapet


Randy Seaver has provided two descriptions for Geneacave:

1. Genea-cave – the genealogy room in a genealogist’s home. May contain desk, computer system, bookcases, file cabinets, boxes of stuff, piles of paper, etc.

2. Genea-cave — “the genealogy work area, surrounded by the ancestral collections of a lifetime of research, where you have all of your genea-stuff.”