This acronym came from Randy Seaver. It may be in common use but I had not heard it before.

MRUA: Most recent unknown ancestor which Randy explained is the person with the lowest number on your Pedigree Chart or Ahnentafel List that you have not identified a last name for, or a first name if you know a surname but not a first name.”


I received this message on Facebook from my genimate Lilian today.

“Jill Ball, this is for you, to add to your genealogy dictionary.
(I have a sore ankle and am ‘resting’ and a cousin recommended this.)

RICE …. Research, Index, Confirm and Excel”



I was thrown for a while when I saw the subject line of Randy Seaver’s latest Saturday Night Genealogy Fun How Many “Mary LNU” Persons in Your Family Tree?

As I read through the post I learnt what Randy’s acronym stood for. Randy said “I have many females in my family tree database without a last name.  One of those female first names is “Mary.”  Do you have situations like this, where you don’t know the surname of some females? [I call them LNU persons – Last Name Unknown.]”

I have a long list of LNUs in my database  how about you?