Geneajaunt can be used as an alternative to Geneajourney.

I think GeniAus (that’s me) was responsible for this word. I first used it in the abstract and description of my panel session for Rootstech 2013.

Heather Rojo mentions this term in a blog post in 2013 when she talks about her learning at Rootstech .

Heather said “I learned some new vocabulary, and my favourite new word is “Geneajaunt” – from Australian genealogist Jill Ball.

6 thoughts on “Geneajaunt

  1. Yes, Jill, you used it for the panel discussion! I have proof on video! You started it and I’ve spread it around quite a bit. My neighbors ask me if I’m on a geneajaunt when they see me loading bags of books and cameras into our little red convertible.

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