I’m cheating a little with this post as I am copying a recent post from my GeniAus blog that has a different audience from the  Geneadictionary.

It’s not too often that I find a term for The Geneadictionary in Trove. This morning  when I was looking for something else I came across the past tense of a verb “Maided” so off I went on a tangent to see if I could find other instances of the word being used in a similar context….and I did.

The clippings that follow illustrate the meaning of Maided.
1928 ‘WEDDING.’, Townsville Daily Bulletin (Qld. : 1907 – 1954), 29 October, p. 8. , viewed 16 Jun 2020,
1949 ‘WEDDING BELLS’, Maryborough Chronicle (Qld. : 1947 – 1954), 26 February, p. 6. , viewed 16 Jun 2020,
1927 ‘WEDDING’, Northern Standard (Darwin, NT : 1921 – 1955), 8 March, p. 3. , viewed 16 Jun 2020,
1931 ‘Pars and Paragraphs.’, Pingelly-Brookton Leader (WA : 1925 – 1954), 26 November, p. 3. , viewed 16 Jun 2020,





Trovaholic – Chris used this word on Google+ yesterday and marked it for my  attention. If you’re an Australian and you are addicted to Trove you won’t need a definition.

If you come from some other land you are missing out on one the best free resources around.  It even has lots of news from across the seas.

Many Australian Genies suffer from an addiction to Trove.