A connection on Google+ today was talking about FAG. For the life of me I didn’t know what FAG was so I asked for clarification.

Thanks to my Genimate, Tessa Keough, for chipping in and telling me that FAG is an acronym for FindaGrave



Thanks Caroline Gurney, I’ve met a few of these.

Meanealogist – a person who only uses free genealogy websites.


In a comment on Google+ on 15 May Tessa Keough  said “hmm – just a thought here (and I loved the blog post with all the clever terms by Caroline Gurney). The definition is “someone who only uses free genealogy websites”- that could apply to many for any number of reasons (just starting out, no funds available, still mining free sites). That alone doesn’t make someone “mean” in my book. The definition needs a bit more – “and complains about fee-based genealogy websites” or “and says everything genealogy-related should be free” because that attitude is what makes someone a meanealogist.