Evernote to the Rescue

Setting up this blog was an impulse thing. I had been contemplating the idea for a couple of years but had done no planning when, on a cold Sydney afternoon, I wandered off task and just dived in without any preparation.

A day or two down the track I realised that I needed to get myself organised and that I did with the help of my friend Evernote.  I have previously used Evernote to gather ideas and resources for presentations I am preparing and realised that it would be a perfect tool for managing the Geneadictionary.

Now when I find a word I make a new note in my Evernote Geneadictionary notebook. I record the source of the word, the date I found it and other pertinent information and related images. When I add the word to the alphabetical dictionary listing on my blog I give it the ATD tag. When I prepare a draft for publishing I give the note the Draft tag and when I have scheduled a post for publication I add the Posted tag. I am also adding tags for the people who have suggested words to me.

Hopefully with the assistance of Evernote I should manage to hold it all together.