Slow Genealogy

My genimate Pauleen blogged about Slow Genealogy yesterday. From the comments on her post Reflections on Slow Genealogy I can see that her post resonated with more genies than me.




I saw the term GeneaGuru in a recent Facebook post from Pauleen Cass  in which she asked her Genimates with expertise in NSW to help her with an issue.

A quick search on Google found two further instances of this term. Pauleen used it in a post on April 2, 2016 and Mags Gaulden mentioned it on her Grandma’s Genes blog on February 9,2016.

From Reading these three posts I deduce that  A Geneaguru is a genealogist who is an expert or master in particular area in the genealogy field.


While rereading a post from my genimate Pauleen Cass this morning I noted that she used the term Geneadinosaur. I realise that I fit into her definition of this beast.


A Geneadinosaur

Pauleen wrote:

“I’m a geneadinosaur having started my research when personal computers were in the infancy of their use and had vastly less memory than today’s memory sticks. Archives and reference libraries were meant for “serious” researchers and genealogists really weren’t catered for to any great extent. This made for a tough learning curve but it did generate determination, record discrimination, and some grassroots acquisition of knowledge.”

Are you also a Geneadinosaur?