My genimate, Jenna Mills  posted this suggestion for the Geneadictionary during #genchat on Twitter today. It originally came from Genealogy Jen.

Genevu – That moment when you’ve read about someone else’s relatives so many times you think they’re yours.



I have been blogging here and there about my efforts to decrapify my life and genealogy space. Kylie Willison suggested that I add the word to this geneadictionary so I will even though it is a word I found outside the geneasphere.

What tipped the scales was a RAOGK from my social media pal Jenna Mills on Google+ this morning. Jenna produced this great graphic, shared it with me and gave me permission to use it on my blog.

Keep CalmandDECRAPIFYYour Tree! (2)

Keep calm and decrapify your tree

Thanks Jenna for your genearosity.