Today I am offering a Genealogism from Geniaus

Trogenealodyte is someone who holes up in a Geneacave for extended periods

adapted from from Troglodyte:

  1. (especially in prehistoric times) a person who lived in a cave.
    • a hermit.
    • a person who is regarded as being deliberately ignorant or old-fashioned.)


I read that a Logophile ( is a lover of words so a Genealogophile is someone who loves  genealogy words aka Genea-Logisms.

I have added to this site a page for those Genealogophiles who make contributions to or whose words appear in this dictionary.


From Randy Seaver comes:
Genea-crapola — “unsubstantiated or fabricated online family trees, published books or articles.”  synonym: Genea-Dreck.
Randy has submitted quite a few entries to the Geneadctionary, watch out for further Genea-logisms from Randy.


Googling around today I discovered that my idea for a Geneadictionary may not have been original or new. My mate Randy Seaver had a similar idea in his Saturday Evening Genealogy Fun Post on March 19 2011.

Randy asked his readers to share Genea-Logisms with him. he defined a genea-logism as “a newly invented word or phrase from the field of genealogy.”

There were some original and incredible words suggested in response to Randy’s activity. I hope Randy doesn’t mind if I add some of the words from there to the Geneadictionary.