When I read this post from Caitlin on Facebook the world Bugiversary came to mind. When is your Bugiversary – the day you caught the Genealogy Bug?




A blog post from one of my young genimates this morning reminded me of those genies who are NextGen. These NextGen folk are the future of genealogy.

The NextGen Genealogy Network page tells me that NextGen are “young genealogists eighteen to fifty”.

I am thrilled to be an online genimate of so many of these clever, committed younger folk. Check out some of their profiles here.


In Salt Lake City with one of my Fave Aussie NextGens, Caitlin Gow.

Word from a Teenealogist

One of the genealogy younger set in Australia Teenealogist Caitlin Gow. suggested a new word to me this week and I was so enthusiastic about it that I bumped some other posts I have prepared down the list so that I could post this one sooner.

When I did a little research I found that Randy Seaver had used the word earlier this year but it was Caitlin who brought it to my notice.

Geneavlogging. Using video instead of written text to communicate one’s message in a blog post. This activity is great for people like me with poor keyboarding skills.

Here is Caitlin’s latest Geneavlogging post.