P1090521I’m sorry I don’t have a source for this word but I define Bloggerhoea  a compulsive outpouring of stories via blogs. I suspect the term was a play on another word that describes an outpouring.

I know that I heard a genimate use Bloggerhoea several years ago but I did not make a note of who that was. The first mention of the term I could find was from a blogger in 2008 who said “i think i’m suffering from bloggerhoea. lock me in a room with internet connection + com with all my med notes and tell me that i only can get out if i memorize all of my notes you’ll find me blogging 99% of the time.”


Genealogy Overwhelm



A while ago Amy Johnson Crow blogged about How to Avoid Genealogy Overwhelm.

Amy described Genealogy Overwhelm : “So many ancestors; so little time. With the number of ancestors doubling with each generation, it doesn’t take too long for it to feel a bit much. Add to the mix all of the different types of things you want to find and the projects you want to complete and you have a recipe for genealogy overwhelm.”

Thanks to Amy for permission to use her description in the Geneadictionary.


I don’t know where I first saw this but I know that I definitely fit the criteria. It’s often found in those who engage in Tangential Genealogy.

AGDG –  Attention Deficit Genealogy Disorder

Because she has given me permission to use her images I am adding this definition from Twisted Twigs and Gnarled Branches.

Attention Deficit Genealogy Disorder

Attention Deficit Genealogy Disorder