Help: Word Needed

Geneabloggers celebrate their Blogiversary (or Blogoversary) each year on the anniversary of the day of their first blog post. The first Blogiversary for this blog will be celebrated on August 12, 2015.

On an irregular basis I conduct GeniAus’ Hangouts on Air and have been doing so for nearly twelve months. On October 30 I will celebrate the first anniversary of my maiden  Google Hangout on Air.

GeniAus Hangouts on Air

My issue is that I don’t have a word like Blogiversary to describe my Hangout’s jubilee.

Are you able to help with a suggestion?


6 thoughts on “Help: Word Needed

  1. Hangiversary really doesn’t do it, seems more like commemorating an infamous forbear! Perhaps you’ll just need to have a ‘birthday hangout’ on a set date each year or a Hangilee.

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  2. I didn’t think HOAversary would translate well with an American accent, though I know you’re no longer a Hangout maiden…I think I’ll wait to see what you come up with.


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