Synonyms and all that Stuff

This blog is developing on the run. In my typical “Bull at a gate” fashion I set the blog up and didn’t think about how I would manage certain situations.

Thankfully Evernote came to the rescue and is doing a super job of keeping track of words, submitters, links and posts.

Two more issues have now emerged that I need to deal with, one is Syonyms. A good example being Genealogy Fairy or Genie Fairy or Genea-Fairy,  three words/phrases that are similar in meaning. I have decided that when synonyms appear I will not have multiple posts but add them to one post.

That of course brought me another problem. What should I do when I find new instances of the use of a term/s? I have decided not to do a new post each time I find something new but to add these to my original post. This is what I did this morning when I found a new mention of the Genie Fairy.

Readers will miss some of the new information I add to the site but in the long run it will better serve its purpose as a not so serious dictionary.


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