From Randy Seaver comes:
Genea-crapola — “unsubstantiated or fabricated online family trees, published books or articles.”  synonym: Genea-Dreck.
Randy has submitted quite a few entries to the Geneadctionary, watch out for further Genea-logisms from Randy.

3 thoughts on “Genea-Crapola

  1. Hi Jill,

    How about genea-theft – when someone takes another’s photo as their own?

    I know when I put photos on the internet that any one can copy/share, which is why I blog. However I sometimes get frustrated when others take photos from my blog as their own and do not acknowledge.


    • I share your frustration Sharon. What is even worse is when they borrow your photos and then identify them as a person from another generation. I’ll add this word to the geneadictionary. I was thiking of picnapper for the same sort of thing. We can have some synonyms.

      Have you looked at the Inside History blog list yet. Are you a professional genealogist?


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