Oxford Candidates

As we travel through time I wonder if any of our Geneadictionary words will make it into the Oxford Dictionary.

I was interested to see in a blog post from Oxford this week how words are selected. This cool video narrated by a person with a delightful Scottish brogue explained the process .


6 thoughts on “Oxford Candidates

  1. “Troving” is a must.
    Also, my daughter is my “geneapprentice” = the person who shows a flicker of interest in what you’re doing, so you rope them in to help at every opportunity, eg walking around cemeteries looking for family names.

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    • Thanks Janelle. I saw the photo of the geneapprentice on your blog.Would I be able to use the photo when I do a post on the word – I wouldn’t identify her. Otherwise I will stage a pic with one of the grandchildren.


  2. Jill, at some stage would you give us the details of some of your books shown? I am familiar with many but would like to know more about Forensic Genealogy in particular. Thanks 🙂


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