Having a Chat

As I believe that blogging is a two-way street I appreciate comments on my blog posts.

At the moment I have my WordPress L plates on and can’t quite work out the security settings for commenting.  Please bear with me as I try to get my head around this feature.

While I want to deter spammers I also want to make it an easy process for my genimates to have a say.


10 thoughts on “Having a Chat

  1. Jane I am just using the Discussion Settings in WP. Have ticked these: Comment author must fill out name and e-mail and Before a comment appears Comment author must have a previously approved comment. I don’t know where to find other options – would like to allow G+ers but don’t know how – still a WP novice.


  2. I find WP completely bewildering, even though I have two WP blogs – I find everything takes twice as long as on Blogger. Perhaps I need to develop some PIP? Us Italians (or at least this one isn’t) are not known for our patience!


  3. I don’t have issues with my comments and spam….I find their Akizmet system works very well. Only rarely does a Friend go to the spam with the Foes, and it’s up to me to pick up the newbie comments that aren’t obvious spam….I’m cautious about their first approval. Will check my settings later – off to basketball and then RAAF open day.

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  4. Jill, this link might be helpful. I have mine set up with “author must have a previously approved comment”, strict Akizmet worst spam, author must leave name and email. The antispam filter stats say they’ve picked up 99.8% of spam and my intuitive feel is that’s about right, but then I don’t have the readership levels you do. I do check each new non-spam comment carefully before giving them the green light (usually easy because you know many of the readers) and I also skim my spam folder -again easy because most spam stands out. It’s the so-so commenters that are difficult and if in doubt I don’t approve…”so be it” if I make a mistake.

    Overall I find this so much easier than Blogger’s wretched captcha system which drives me mental and makes it nigh impossible to comment from a tablet because it’s so unstable.

    Hope this helps.


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