It’s your fault, Pauleen

You know what happens when you are sitting alone in your geneacave supposedly researching and preparing Powerpoint presentations for an upcoming workshop?

Today my mind started to wander and then I got a little notification on the Google+ bar on my browser. I raced off and read the message from my mate Pauleen that said ”  I love the PIP process -is it copyrighted or can we absorb it into our vernacular along with genimates, geneacruising, geneacave and your other innovative words?”

My mind drifted back to a proposal I put to Rootstech for the 2012 or 2013 conference in which I proposed a light-hearted presentation about my geneadictionary. If the proposal had been accepted I was going to put my skates on and develop an online dictionary that looked at the history and origins of  the fun words we have coined while dealing with our geneaffliction on and offline. That first attempt didn’t go anywhere as my proposal didn’t make the grade.

Well an hour ago I bit the proverbial bullet and started this blog in which I hope to record the words I come across in my geneatravels. I’m blaming Pauleen for this latest foray of mine into the blogisphere.

My geneablogging friends and genimates are all encouraged to contribute words, pictures and stories to the geneadictionary, There will be an alphabetic listing of words and phrases on the Dictionary page with links to explanations or articles about the words and phreases included in the dictionary and from time to time I, and hopefully others, will contribute articles on the etymology of those words and phrases.

This blog is intended to be lighthearted and fun. I have no intention of it being a place of academic excellence with a high level of scholarship


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